Timo Gendrullis

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Todays in-vehicle IT architectures are dominated by a large network of interactive, software driven digital microprocessors called electronic control units (ECU). However, ECUs relying on information received from open communication channels created by other ECUs or even other vehicles that are not under its control leaves the doors wide open for(More)
In the scope of the EVITA project, we present an approach to secure the vehicular on-board communication architecture. Computing devices range from simple low-cost sensor control units on low-speed buses to costly multimedia units on high-speed buses, which allow for customized applications. Our architectural approach combines hardwareand software measures(More)
In this diploma thesis we present a real-world hardware-assisted attack on the well-known A5/1 stream cipher which is (still) used to secure GSM communication in most countries all over the world. During the last ten years A5/1 has been intensively analyzed [BB06, BD00, BSW01, EJ03, Gol97, MJB05, PS00]. However, most of the proposed attacks are just of(More)
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