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The breadth of biological databases and their information content continues to increase exponentially. Unfortunately, our ability to query such sources is still often suboptimal. Here, we introduce and apply community voting, database-driven text classification, and visual aids as a means to incorporate distributed expert knowledge, to automatically(More)
Available information on molecular interactions between proteins is currentlyi ncompletew ith regard to detail and comprehensive-ness. Although an umbero fr epositories are already devoted to capture interaction data, only as mall subset of the currentlyk nown interactions canb eo btained that way.B esides further experiments,k nowledge on interactions can(More)
Machine learning approaches are increasingly used in brain-machine-interfaces to allow automatic adaptation to user-specific brain patterns. One of the most crucial factors for the practical success of these systems is that this adaptation can be achieved with a minimum amount of training data since training data needs to be recorded during a calibration(More)
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