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We present a collection of 52 nonlinear eigenvalue problems in the form of a MATLAB toolbox. The collection contains problems from models of real-life applications as well as ones constructed specifically to have particular properties. A classification is given of polynomial eigenvalue problems according to their structural properties. Identifiers based on(More)
The Method of Fundamental Solutions (MFS) is a popular tool to solve Laplace and Helmholtz boundary value problems. Its main drawback is that it often leads to ill-conditioned systems of equations. In this paper we investigate for the interior Helmholtz problem on analytic domains how the singularities (charge points) of the MFS basis functions have to be(More)
This article discusses a projection method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems. The ansatz space is constructed by a Jacobi–Davidson type approach, and the arising eigenproblems of small dimension are solved by safeguarded inverse iteration. The method is applied to a rational eigenvalue problem governing the vibrations of tube bundle immersed in an inviscid(More)
Coercivity is an important concept for proving existence and uniqueness of solutions to variational problems in Hilbert spaces. But while coercivity estimates are well known for many variational problems arising from partial differential equations, they are still an open problem in the context of boundary integral operators arising from acoustic scattering(More)
Generalizing the notion of an eigenvector, invariant subspaces are frequently used in the context of linear eigenvalue problems, leading to conceptually elegant and numerically stable formulations in applications that require the computation of several eigenvalues and/or eigenvectors. Similar benefits can be expected for polynomial eigenvalue problems , for(More)
Many important partial differential equation problems in homogeneous media, such as those of acoustic or electromagnetic wave propagation, can be represented in the form of integral equations on the boundary of the domain of interest. In order to solve such problems, the boundary element method (BEM) can be applied. The advantage compared to(More)
A powerful method for solving planar eigenvalue problems is the Method of Particular Solutions (MPS), which is also well known under the name " point matching method ". The implementation of this method usually depends on the solution of one of three types of linear algebra problems: singular value decomposition, generalized eigenvalue decomposition, or(More)
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a noninvasive imaging modality, where imperceptible currents are applied to the skin and the resulting surface voltages are measured. It has the potential to distinguish between ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke with a portable and inexpensive device. The image reconstruction relies on an accurate forward model of(More)