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While the users of completed applications are heavily moving from desktop to the web browser, the majority of developers are still working with desktop IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio. In contrast to professional installable IDEs, current web-based code editors are simple text editors with extra features. They usually understand lexical syntax and can(More)
Software engineering has both technological and social dimensions. As development teams spanning across the globe are increasingly the norm and while the web enables massive online collaboration, there is a growing need for effective collaboration tools. In this paper, we describe experiences on collaborative programming as a tool for learning software(More)
We propose a well-founded method of ranking a pool of m trained classifiers by their suitability for the current input of n instances. It can be used when dynamically selecting a single classifier as well as in weighting the base classifiers in an ensemble. No classifiers are executed during the process. Thus, the n instances, based on which we select the(More)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have rapidly become an important tool for educational institutes in teaching programming. Nevertheless, high drop-out rates have always been a problem in online learning. As MOOCs have become an important part of modern education, reducing the drop-out rate has become a more and more relevant research problem. This work(More)