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Germline mutations in the BRCA1 tumor suppressor gene often result in a significant increase in susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancers. Although the molecular basis of their effects remains largely obscure, many mutations are known to target the highly conserved C-terminal BRCT repeats that function as a phosphoserine/phosphothreonine-binding module.(More)
Work within the US health care system has sought to improve outcomes, decrease costs, and improve the patient experience. Combining those three elements leads to value-added care. Quality improvement within neonatology has focused primarily on the improvement of clinical outcomes without explicit consideration of cost. Future improvement efforts in(More)
BACKGROUND The use of unnecessary tests and treatments contributes to health care waste. The "Choosing Wisely" campaign charges medical societies with identifying such items. This report describes the identification of 5 tests and treatments in newborn medicine. METHODS A national survey identified candidate tests and treatments. An expert panel of 51(More)
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