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Edition 1.1 of the PARSEME Shared Task on Automatic Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions
This paper describes the PARSEME Shared Task 1.1 on automatic identification of verbal multi-word expressions. We present the annotation methodology, focusing on changes from last year's shared task.Expand
Discontinuous parsing with continuous trees
We introduce a new method for incremental shift-reduce parsing of discontinuous constituency trees, based on the fact that discontinuous trees can be transformed into continuous trees by changing theExpand
1 An MCTAG with Tuples for Coherent Constructions in German
This paper introduces the notion of tree tuples to MCTAG, an extension of Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG). Using tuples and node sharing we can provide an empirically broad and linguistically soundExpand
XMG: eXtending MetaGrammars to MCTAG
The XMG formalism and its implementation is introduced, and it is shown how the latter makes it possible to extend the system relatively easily to different target formalisms, thus opening the way towards multi-formalism. Expand
Characterizing Discontinuity in Constituent Treebanks
An empirical evaluation on German data as well as an investigation of the relation between the measures and grammars extracted from treebanks shows their relevance. Expand
TuLiPA: Towards a Multi-Formalism Parsing Environment for Grammar Engineering
In this paper, we present an open-source parsing environment (Tubingen Linguistic Parsing Architecture, TuLiPA) which uses Range Concatenation Grammar (RCG) as a pivot formalism, thus opening the wayExpand
Coupling Trees and Frames through XMG
This work presents first results on the integration of frame-based representations into the lexical framework of eXtensible Meta-Grammar (XMG). Originally XMG supported tree-based syntacticExpand
Licensing German Negative Polarity Items in LTAG
The proposed analysis provides features that signal the presence of a negation in the semantics and that specify its scope that extend the analysis to modelling the interaction of NPI licensing and neg raising constructions. Expand
Edition 1.2 of the PARSEME Shared Task on Semi-supervised Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions
The effort of corpus creation, the task design, and the results obtained by the participating systems, especially their performance on unseen expressions are described. Expand
The Proper Treatment of Linguistic Ambiguity in Ordinary Algebra
A first algebraic approximation to the semantic content of linguistic ambiguity is presented, starting from the class of ordinary Boolean algebras and adding an ambiguity operator and a small set of axioms which the author thinks are correct for linguistic ambiguity beyond doubt. Expand