Timm Böttger

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This paper presents a new segmentation tool for Live-3D echocardiographic images. It is based on a discrete three-dimensional deformable model. The model deformation scheme was extended by an interactive force component which allows to take advantage of the accuracy of user driven segmentation tools. Various interaction schemes were implemented to allow for(More)
Netflix has become a worldwide video-streaming platform and the source of a large amount of the Internet traffic. It has achieved this without building its own datacentres, by controlling a network of servers deployed at Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) and within Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Despite its wide success and novel approach to(More)
We present a real-time approach to detect and localise defects in grey-scale textures within a Compressed Sensing framework. Inspired by recent results in texture classification, we use compressed local grey-scale patches for texture description. In a first step, a Gaussian Mixture model is trained with the features extracted from a handful of defect-free(More)
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