Timea Farkas

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The chicken has been considered as the natural host for chicken anaemia virus (CAV). To examine the prevalence of CAV in domestic and wild birds in Japan, we analyzed serum samples collected from 211 chickens, 168 Japanese quail, 105 pigeons, 113 ducks and 116 crows for the presence of antibodies to CAV by a micro-scale virus neutralization (VN) test. Nine(More)
Although the gender gap has dramatically narrowed in recent decades, women remain underrepresented in many science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This study examined social and personal factors in relation to adolescent girls' motivation in STEM (math/science) versus non-STEM (English) subjects. An ethnically diverse sample of 579(More)
The complete genomic sequence of chicken anaemia virus (CAV) TK-5803 strain was determined. Comparisons of sequence data showed 37 nucleotide differences between TK-5803 and Cux-1, 38 nucleotide differences between TK-5803 and 26P4, and 48 nucleotide differences between TK-5803 and 82-2. There were 65 nucleotide differences in the largest open reading frame(More)
Concurrent infection with Cryptosporidium baileyi and chicken anaemia virus (CAV) was observed in a flock of 8000 4-week-old broiler chickens. The birds, showing overt symptoms of stunted growth and 25% mortality from hatching to 4 weeks of age, harboured the protozoan in the epithelial cells of the bursa of Fabricius and the urodeal portion of the cloaca.(More)
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