Tim van Oosterhout

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In this paper we propose a head detection method using range data from a stereo camera. The method is based on a technique that has been introduced in the domain of voxel data. For application in stereo cameras, the technique is extended (1) to be applicable to stereo data, and (2) to be robust with regard to noise and variation in environmental settings.(More)
Tracking with multiple cameras with nonoverlapping fields of view is challenging due to the differences in appearance that objects typically have when seen from different cameras. In this paper we use a probabilistic approach to track people across multiple, sparsely distributed cameras, where an observation corresponds to a person walking through the field(More)
As the number of elderly needing assistance in their daily life increases, sensing systems that monitor behaviour are becoming ever more important. The type of the behaviors that are to be monitored varies enormously, from nutritional intake, physical activities, cognitive activities, fall detection, wandering detection or sleep behaviour. Also the types of(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of people detection and tracking in crowded scenes using range cameras. We propose a new method for people detection and localisation based on the combination of background modelling and template matching. The method uses an adaptive background model in the range domain to characterise the scene without people. Then a(More)
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