Tim Zander

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We study the effect of an external biaxial stress on the light emission of single InGaAs/GaAs(001) quantum dots placed onto piezoelectric actuators. With increasing compression, the emission blueshifts and the binding energies of the positive trion (X+) and biexciton (XX) relative to the neutral exciton (X) show a monotonic increase. This phenomenon is(More)
Arrays of GaAs microring optical resonators with embedded InGaAs quantum dots (QDs) are placed on top of Pb(Mg(1/3)Nb(2/3))O(3)-PbTiO(3) piezoelectric actuators, which allow the microcavities to be reversibly "stretched" or "squeezed" by applying relatively large biaxial stresses at low temperatures. The emission energy of both QDs and optical modes red- or(More)
A wrinkled nanomembrane with embedded quantum well (QW), fabricated by the partial release and bond back of epitaxial layers upon underetching, is investigated by spatially resolved micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy. From the observed QW transition energies and calculations based on the linear deformation potential theory, we find that the bonded back(More)
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