Tim Wright

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Studies of interseismic strain accumulation are crucial to our understanding of continental deformation, the earthquake cycle and seismic hazard. By mapping small amounts of ground deformation over large spatial areas, InSAR has the potential to produce continental-scale maps of strain accumulation on active faults. However, most InSAR studies to date have(More)
InSAR is particularly sensitive to vertical displacements, which can be important in distinguishing between mechanisms responsible for the postseismic response to large earthquakes (afterslip, viscoelastic relaxation). We produce maps of the surface displacements resulting from the postseismic response to the 2002 Denali Fault earthquake, using data from(More)
When researchers extend a conventional communication application to mobile devices, the communication becomes ubiquitous. We recently examined a mobile communication application from a usability perspective. We found that despite the potentially high utility of the mobile communication application, it had usability issues that required user interface(More)
An execution trace contains a description of everything that happened during an execution of a program. Execution traces are useful, because they can help software engineers understand code, resulting in a variety of applications such as debugging software, or more effective software reuse. Unfortunately, execution traces are also complex, typically(More)
This correlational study investigated a new measure of environmental spatial ability (i.e., large scale spatial ability) called the virtual spatial navigation assessment (VSNA). In the VSNA, participants must find a set of gems in a virtual 3D environment using a first person avatar on a computer. The VSNA runs in a web browser and automatically collects(More)
Today's university student needs to learn how to use the Internet properly as a resource for information. Critical skills for this task include determining both the trustworthiness of online information and whether it is useful for one's purposes. Conclude) is a heuristic developed through disciplinary collaboration between the arts and sciences to support(More)
  • Berhe Goitom, Clive Oppenheimer, James O. S. Hammond, Raphaël Grandin, Talfan Barnie, Amy Donovan +13 others
  • 2015
We present a synthesis of diverse observations of the first recorded eruption of Nabro volcano, Eritrea, which began on 12 June 2011. While no monitoring of the volcano was in effect at the time, it has been possible to reconstruct the nature and evolution of the eruption through analysis of regional seismological and infrasound data and satellite remote(More)
—The SuperSAR imaging system, a novel multi-azimuth synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system capable of detecting Earth surface deformation in three dimensions from a single satellite platform, has recently been proposed. In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of detecting precise 3-D surface displacement measurements with the SuperSAR imaging system(More)
Animation scripts are an integral part of developing computer games: they describe which character animations to play and when to switch between animations. These scripts are often written in text editors which can be an error-prone task since there are multiple variables and conditions that needs to be understood, and text editors gives no indication of(More)