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1. During incubation of 14CCl4, 14CHCl3, [14C]halothane, or 14CCl3F with liver microsomes and NADPH, considerable radioactivity is bound irreversibly to endoplasmic protein and lipid. However, no 14C was detected in the ribosomal RNA. 2. None of the four haloalkanes studied induced mutations after incubation with liver microsomes and the bacterial tester(More)
A computer-assisted method for the generation of pseudoreceptor models is presented together with two practical applications. From a three-dimensional alignment of known histamine H(4) receptor ligands, a pseudoreceptor model of the putative ligand binding site was constructed and used for virtual screening of a large collection of commercially available(More)
Hypothalamic functions, including feeding behavior, show a high degree of plasticity throughout life. Doublecortin (DCX) is a marker of plasticity and neuronal migration expressed in the hypothalamus. Therefore, we wanted to map the fate of DCX(+) cells in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) of the hypothalamus. For this purpose, we generated a BAC transgenic mouse(More)
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