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Tridiagonal solvers are important building blocks for a wide range of scientific applications that are commonly performance-sensitive. Recently, many-core architectures, such as GPUs, have become ubiquitous targets for these applications. Therefore, a high-performance general-purpose GPU tridiagonal solver becomes critical. However, no existing GPU(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this work is to test the advantage of using the surface acquired by two stereo Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras in comparison of the use of one camera only for patient positioning in radiotherapy. METHODS A first step consisted on validating the use of a stereo ToFcamera system for positioning management of a phantom mounted on a(More)
Time-of-flight (ToF) camera technology provides a real-time depth map of a scene with adequate frequency for the monitoring of physiological patient motion. However, dynamic surface motion estimation using a ToF camera is limited by issues such as the raw measurement accuracy and the absence of fixed anatomical landmarks. In this work we propose to overcome(More)
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