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This paper is motivated by the following question: What drives the diffusion of a communication standard and what Kalle Lyytinen was the accepting senior editor for this paper. Stephen Margolis served as a reviewer. The associate editor and additional reviewers chose to remain anonymous. results can we expect? Past literature provides many instructive but(More)
Recommendation systems are widely used on the Internet to assist customers in finding the products or services that best fit with their individual preferences. While current implementations successfully reduce information overload by generating personalized suggestions when searching for objects such as books or movies, recommendation systems so far cannot(More)
Many online recruitment platforms suffer from the inappropriateness of Boolean search methods for matching candidates with job requirements. While such platforms have so far been a successful means for decreasing personnel advertising cost, the huge amount of electronic candidate profiles has not yet been exploited to optimize search quality. In this paper,(More)
What is the role of control in maintaining trust in outsourcing relationships? Although the literature is quite rich on conceptualizing the relationship between control and trust in inter-organizational relationships, there exist quite sparse quantitative works which help to evaluate the models developed. In this paper, we analyze data from 156 IT(More)
Received: 20 July 2012 Revised: 18 February 2013 2nd Revision: 28 June 2013 3rd Revision: 20 September 2013 4th Revision: 7 November 2013 Accepted: 1 February 2014 Abstract As the number of messages and social relationships embedded in social networking sites (SNS) increases, the amount of social information demanding a reaction from individuals increases(More)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been used in businesses for about 30 years to reduce the costs of document processing and, in general, to achieve strategic business advantages made possible by shorter business process cycle times. The variety of different industry-specific and national EDI standards makes it difficult for businesses to decide which(More)