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This study was undertaken to determine the outcome of infants delivered at the Royal Hospital for Women during the years 1971 to 1975 who weighed 1500 g or less at birth and who survived the first 28 days of life. Of the 104 neonatal survivors, 79 were seen by one of the writers, nine were seen by other medical practitioners, four had died after the(More)
The present case study provides evidence that a specific deficit can be improved by a treatment specific intervention in a boy who was prenatally exposed to Dilantin and presented with a learning disability. After implementation of a focused intervention for reading, standardized test scores revealed that the child demonstrated a dramatic improvement in(More)
We report on correlates of attrition for Blacks and Whites in physician's assistant training programs. The data reveal an unusually high rate of attrition for Blacks (65 per cent) and, in particular, for Black males (59 per cent). This latter group, regardless of educational background and other potential predicators of educational success, encounters(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether implementation of a collaborative, evidence-based algorithm for care of pediatric parapneumonic effusion and empyema (PPE) can improve the quality of care delivered. STUDY DESIGN Prospective cohort with retrospective control comparison of children aged 1 month to 18 years admitted with a clinical diagnosis of PPE. Quality(More)
This is a report on a study of the social origins, attitudes, and anticipated practice settings of black and white recruits to the physician's assistant occupation. Recruits are generally representative of the larger black and white communities in their values; however, black recruits are more likely than their white counterparts to value the status,(More)
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