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The Bioharness™ device is designed for monitoring physiological variables in free-living situations but has only been proven to be reliable and valid in a laboratory environment. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the reliability and validity of the Bioharness™ using a field based protocol. Twenty healthy males participated. Heart rate (HR), breathing(More)
The Bioharness(™) monitoring system may provide physiological information on human performance but the reliability of this data is fundamental for confidence in the equipment being used. The objective of this study was to assess the reliability of each of the 5 Bioharness(™) variables using a treadmill based protocol. 10 healthy males participated. A(More)
This paper studies the reliability of geometric features for the identification of users based on Hand Biometrics. Our methodology is based on genetic algorithms and mutual information. The aim is to provide a system for user identification rather than a classification. Additionally, a robust hand segmentation method to extract the hand silhouette and a set(More)
Digital investigation methods are becoming more and more important due to the proliferation of digital crimes and crimes involving digital evidence. Network forensics is a research area that gathers evidence by collecting and analysing network traffic data logs. This analysis can be a difficult process, especially because of the high variability of these(More)
Microcurrent therapy is unique amongst the electrophysical modalities in applying electric fields and currents of similar form and magnitude to those produced naturally by the body. The therapy involves application of electric currents of the order of millionths of an amp, and there is evidence that it can promote healing in a variety of damaged tissues.(More)
Coupling agents are required when using therapeutic ultrasound (US) to maximize acoustic contact between the transducer and the insonated tissue. US beam power is attenuated to varying extents by different couplants and this may influence treatment efficacy, since therapeutic effects are dose-dependent. It is therefore important to know how well different(More)