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Order-preserving encryption (OPE) produces ciphertexts that preserve the relative order of the underlying plaintexts. Thus, it is very suitable for range queries over encrypted outsourced data, as it is a popular case in cloud database scenarios. Unfortunately, most schemes suffer from infeasibility in practice due to requirements like hardly maintainable(More)
Spaltenfamiliendatenbanken (engl.: „column family databases“ oder „wide column stores“) sind wegen ihres flexiblen Datenmodells beliebt, das eine weitgehend schemalose Datenverwaltung ermöglicht. Diese Datenbanken (insbesondere HBase und Cassandra als quelloffene Produkte) werden auch von einigen großen Cloud-Dienstanbietern als Database-as-a-Service(More)
Order-preserving encryption (OPE) allows encrypting without losing information about the order relation between the encrypted data items. Thus, the execution of compare, order and grouping operations can be done likeonplaintext data. In particular it allows databases to do range queries overencrypted data, which is auseful feature especially for cloud(More)
Provision of internet access in infrastructure deficient areas is expected to bring profound economic and humanitarian benefit to developing countries. Notwithstanding, achieving this goal poses an economic and technical challenge. Due to technological and economical reasons cellular networks are regarded to be unable to deliver affordable distribution in(More)
In this article, we introduce a replication procedure in a distributed database system that supports several fragmentations of the same data table. One application that requires multiple fragmentations is flexible (similarity-based) query answering. The major feature of our replication procedure is that replication and recovery respect the overlaps of(More)
In this paper we address the problem of fuzzy search over encrypted data that supports misspelled search terms. We advance prior work by using a bit vector for bigrams directly instead of hashing bigrams into a Bloom filter. We show that we improve both index building performance as well as retrieval ratio of matching documents while providing the same(More)
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