Tim W. C. Brown

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— Two new models to characterize polarization diversity at the mobile are presented and discussed. The first model builds upon existing theoretical models at the base station to demonstrate how those principles apply to the mobile fading environment. Due to the limitations of antennas at the mobile, this extended model, though relevant, is not sufficient to(More)
— Preliminary results on the use of the vehicle to vehicle MIMO channel in a rural highway environment are presented. This is looked at both in terms of the available spatial multiplexing through singular value decomposition and also angular distribution within the channel. Results indicate a strong predominant line of sight link in general while instances(More)
communication channels, is proposed. This model is based on real-body measurements, carried out in the frequency range between 3.5GHz-6.5GHz, in an anechoic chamber. New parameters that describe this specific propagation environment are presented and evaluated. Results show that the first breakpoint point angle lies in the lit region of the transmitter and(More)
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