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A planar YBa2Cu3Ox (YBCO) coil has been used as a pick-up coil in a nuclear magnetic resonance imager. It was found that the quality factor (Q) of the YBCO coil was greater than its copper counterpart by approaching 50% even in a field of 0.15 T. The Q of the copper coil at 77 K and in a field of 0.15 T was 1200 while that of the YBCO coil under identical(More)
Dental erosion and decay are increasingly prevalent but as yet there is no quantitative monitoring tool. Such a tool would allow earlier diagnosis and treatment and ultimately the prevention of more serious disease and pain. Despite ultrasound having been demonstrated as a method of probing the internal structures of teeth more than 40 years ago,(More)
BACKGROUND Image-guided surgery has become standard practice during surgical resection, using preoperative magnetic resonance imaging. Intraoperative ultrasound (IoUS) has attracted interest because of its perceived safety, portability, and real-time imaging. This report is a meta-analysis of intraoperative ultrasound in gliomas. METHODS Critical(More)
Potential applications of high frequency ultrasound exist because of the high spatial resolution consequent upon short wavelength. The frequencies of interest, typically from 25 MHz upwards, are easily supported by modern instrumentation but the capabilities of ultrasonic transducers have not kept pace and the transducers in high frequency commercial(More)
This paper reports low-temperature sintering methods for the (Ba<sub>0.85</sub>Ca<sub>0.15</sub>)(Zr<sub>0.1</sub>Ti<sub>0.9</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> (50BCZT) ceramics and thick-films. A commercial borosilicate glass and Li<sub>2</sub>O have been investigated as sintering aids. Bulk ceramic samples with 1 wt% borosilicate glass and sintered at 1200&#x00B0;C(More)
This paper reports the fabrication and characterization of a free-standing piezoelectric thick-film structure: single-layer films and multi-layer cantilevers, for the application of vibrational energy harvesting. Piezoelectric properties without constraint effect are properly characterized. The single-layer thick-films exhibit d31 values of approximately(More)
High-frequency ultrasound is needed for medical imaging with high spatial resolution. A key issue in the development of ultrasound imaging arrays to operate at high frequencies (≥30 MHz) is the need for photolithographic patterning of array electrodes. To achieve this directly on 1-3 piezocomposite, the material requires not only planar, parallel, and(More)
This paper reports an investigation of (Ba<sub>0.85</sub>Ca<sub>0.15</sub>)(Zr<sub>0.1</sub>Ti<sub>0.9</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> (50BCZT) piezoelectric ceramics doped with Bi<sub>0.5</sub>(Na<sub>0.82</sub>K<sub>0.18</sub>)<sub>0.5</sub>TiO<sub>3</sub> (18BNKT). For compositions between 1-5 wt% 18BNKT, a perovskite phase was observed in the sintered ceramics,(More)
Image-guided surgery is today considered to be of significant importance in neurosurgical applications. However, one of its major shortcomings is its reliance on preoperative image data, which does not account for brain deformations and displacements that occur during surgery. In this work, we propose to tackle this issue through the incorporation of an(More)
This paper discusses the effects of cation substitutions on the structural (and linked electronic) transition which has been observed in Na(0.63)CoO(2). The effects of the following substitutions are reported: Ca on the Na site; Fe and Ni on the Co site. Ca doping suppresses the transition and is suggested to interfere with the Na ordering and hence causes(More)
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