Tim Van de Voorde

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Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite images offer a great potential for the extraction of land-use and land-cover related information for urban areas. The available techniques are diverse and need to be further examined before operational use is possible. In this paper we applied two pixel-by-pixel classification techniques and the object-oriented image(More)
CHRIS/Proba represents a new generation of hyperspectral-oriented data that provides different viewing angles of the same scene. This multi-angle acquisition, with 18 bands between 0.4-1 µm at five different angles, can substantially improve characterization of various land-cover types. However, with around 18m pixel size, the spatial resolution is still(More)
Land-use BLOCKINchange BLOCKINmodels BLOCKINare BLOCKINuseful BLOCKINtools BLOCKINfor BLOCKINassessing BLOCKINand BLOCKINcomparing BLOCKINthe BLOCKINenvironmental BLOCKINimpact BLOCKINof BLOCKINalterna-tive BLOCKINpolicy BLOCKINscenarios. BLOCKINTheir BLOCKINincreasing BLOCKINpopularity BLOCKINas BLOCKINspatial BLOCKINplanning BLOCKINinstruments BLOCKINalso(More)
photography shows that the use of threshold values that favor the application of models with a small number of endmembers performs better compared to scenarios that make use of models with more endmembers. Detailed analysis of model selection for pixels with different land-cover composition indicates that the error in fraction estimation is partly related(More)
Keywords: Impervious surface percentage index Thermal remote sensing Thermal sharpening DisTrad Spectral indexes Urbanization mapping Urban heat island UHI a b s t r a c t The goal of this paper is to evaluate the DisTrad sharpening technique for deriving land surface temperatures over urban areas. While the original DisTrad technique is based on the(More)