Tim Turner

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world over the past 10 years. Researchers have been using several data mining techniques to help health care professionals in the diagnosis of heart disease. Decision Tree is one of the successful data mining techniques used. However, most research has applied J4.8 Decision Tree, based on Gain Ratio and(More)
This paper presents the first phase of a study on using current eLearning trends in course design to overcome challenges in eLearning within developing countries, particularly for non-tertiary training providers. The paper outlines the research and development of an ICT artefact using the Action Design Research method. The artefact will later be deployed(More)
Motivated by concerns regarding the impact of cultural diversity on group interaction processes and a desire to extend the Social Influence Model of Technology Use, this paper discusses the impact of normative social influence on enhancing group media use and group decision making performance over time in different cultural group compositions. This paper(More)