Tim Traynor

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Influenza virus infection up-regulates cytokines such as interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) and activates the somatotropic axis and the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Mice with deficits in growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) signaling (lit/lit mice) respond to influenza virus challenge with a progressive decrease in sleep and lower survival rates. Current(More)
We present a constraint analysis methodology for Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) constraints. If the constraint set is found to be feasible we search for a minimal representation; otherwise, we search for an irreducible infeasible system. The work is based on the solution of a set covering problem where each row corresponds to a sample point and is(More)
  • Adam J Hartfiel, Richard J Caron, Tim Traynor, Asish Mukhopadhyay, Myron Hlynka
  • 2007
This thesis is concerned with the identification of the extreme points of a given finite set of points denoted by S. In Jibrin, Boneh and Caron[18] the authors explored the advantage of using probabilistic methods applied to the polar dual of S to quickly detect some extreme points. This thesis builds on those results with the introduction of a polynomial(More)
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