Tim Sullivan

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Configuring redundant disk arrays is a black art. To configure an array properly, a system administrator must understand the details of both the array and the workload it will support. Incorrect understanding of either, or changes in the workload over time, can lead to poor performance. We present a solution to this problem: a two-level storage hierarchy(More)
When the detector believes the system will be idle enough for long enough, it starts up the idle task. This executes until it completes, or until the detector signals it to stop—typically when new foreground work arrives. The goal of the detector is to make sufficiently good predictions that the net effect to the system of running the idle task is positive.(More)
A series of quinazolinone-derived inhibitors of the CXCR3 receptor have been synthesized and their affinity for the receptor evaluated. Compounds were evaluated in a (125)I-IP10 displacement assay and in in vitro cell migration assays to IP10, ITAC, and MIG using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Galanin and its receptors exert inhibitory neuromodulatory control over brain monoamines. Rat studies revealed that galanin expression is upregulated by exposure to stressors and that galanin manipulations modify neuroendocrine and behavioral responses to stress, leading to the hypothesis that galanin mediates depression-related behaviors. In the present(More)
The evaluation of the CXCR3 antagonist AMG 487 in clinic trials was complicated due to the formation of an active metabolite. In this Letter, we will discuss the further optimization of the quinazolinone series that led to the discovery of compounds devoid of the formation of the active metabolite that was seen with AMG 487. In addition, these compounds(More)
Key questions that scientists and engineers typically want to address can be formulated in terms of predictive science. Questions such as: “How well does my computational model represent reality?”, “What are the most important parameters in the problem?”, and “What is the best next experiment to perform?” are fundamental in solving scientific problems.(More)
We derive, in the classical framework of Bayesian sensitivity analysis, optimal lower and upper bounds on posterior values obtained from Bayesian models that exactly capture an arbitrarily large number of finitedimensional marginals of the data-generating distribution and/or that are as close as desired to the data-generating distribution in the Prokhorov(More)
Targeting apoptosis control provides a novel therapeutic approach to the treatment of cancer and other proliferative disorders. We summarize the evidence for apoptosis deregulation in cancer and describe the pivotal role of XIAP, the X-linked Inhibitor-of-APoptosis. XIAP is the predominant inhibitor of caspases 3, 7 and 9 in cells, which suppresses the(More)