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Small conductance Ca(2+)-activated K+ channels (SK channels) couple the membrane potential to fluctuations in intracellular Ca2+ concentration in many types of cells. SK channels are gated by Ca2+ ions via calmodulin that is constitutively bound to the intracellular C terminus of the channels and serves as the Ca2+ sensor. Here we show that, in addition,(More)
The trimeric, alpha-helical coiled-coil core of the HIV-1 gp41 ectodomain is thought to be part of a transient, receptor-triggered intermediate in the refolding of the envelope glycoprotein into a fusion-active conformation. In an effort to discover small organic inhibitors that block gp41 activation, we have generated a biased combinatorial chemical(More)
The three-dimensional structure of the complex between an HIV-1 cell-entry inhibitor selected from screening a combinatorial library of non-natural building blocks and the central, trimeric, coiled-coil core of HIV-1 gp41 has been determined by X-ray crystallography. The biased combinatorial library was designed to identify ligands binding in nonpolar(More)
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