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AIM The aim of this analysis was to evaluate the importance of genetic variants of TNFα for the severity of periodontal disease and periodontal risk factors with respect to periodontal risk factors in a cohort of coronary patients. SUBJECTS A total of 942 consecutive patients with angiographic proven coronary heart disease were prospectively included in(More)
The authors report the results of an open clinical trial with Cis(Z)-Clopenthixol (Cisordinol), the isolated Cis-isomer of the Clopenthixol racemate (Sordinol). The drug was applied to 18 patients with severe forms of manic or schizophrenic disease, diagnosed according to ICD 9. The compound was applied intravenously or orally, daily doses ranging from(More)
MOTIVATION The reasons for distortions from optimal α-helical geometry are widely unknown, but their influences on structural changes of proteins are significant. Hence, their prediction is a crucial problem in structural bioinformatics. Here, we present a new web server, called SKINK, for string kernel based kink prediction. Extending our previous study,(More)
AIM We wanted to investigate whether periodontal conditions and/or oral care habits are associated with new cardiovascular events among patients with coronary vascular disease (CVD). MATERIALS AND METHODS In this longitudinal cohort study, 1002 inpatients with CVD were included. They were examined regarding prevalence of severe periodontitis, bleeding(More)
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