Tim Schwerdtfeger

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To avoid the occurrence of noncomputable, delay-free loops, classic Wave Digital Filters (WDFs) usually exhibit a tree-like topology. For the realization of prototype circuits that contain ring-like subnetworks, prior approaches require the decomposition of the structure and thus neglect the notion of modularity of the original Wave Digital concept. In this(More)
The implementation of nonlinear elements in Wave Digital Filters (WDFs) is usually restricted to just one nonlinear one-port per structure. Existing approaches that aim to circumvent this restriction have in common that they neglect the notion of modularity and thus the reusability of the original Wave Digital concept. In this paper, a new modular approach(More)
Tomographical reconstruction algorithms can be applied to camera based measurements and thus reconstruct the scenery without knowledge about included objects. The latter is interesting in the domain of driver assistance systems that have to monitor the driveway independently from a priori knowledge about possibly appearing objects. The paper presents(More)
In vitro alpha-2CDel322-325 adrenoceptor (AR) polymorphism exhibits reduced functional responsiveness. We studied whether this is true also in vivo in humans. We assessed in nine young wild-type (WT) alpha-2C AR subjects (aged 23 years), 10 elder WT alpha-2C AR subjects (aged 63 years), and nine alpha-2CDel AR subjects (aged 28 years) clonidine (1 microg/kg(More)
This study attempts to examine the hypotheses that elevated blood pressure among regular users of substantial amounts of alcohol may be related to either an acute direct effect of alcohol and/or to alcohol withdrawal. One hundred white, male, chronic alcoholics between the ages of 18 and 60, were monitored for blood pressure on admission and during(More)
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