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Recent advances in Kalman filtering to estimate system state and parameters in nonlinear systems have offered the potential to apply such approaches to spatiotemporal nonlinear systems. We here adapt the nonlinear method of unscented Kalman filtering to observe the state and estimate parameters in a computational spatiotemporal excitable system that serves(More)
We developed a modern numerical approach to the multivariate linear discrimination of Fisher from 1936 based upon singular value decomposition that is sufficiently stable to permit widespread application to spatiotemporal neuronal patterns. We demonstrate this approach on an old problem in neuroscience--whether seizures have distinct dynamical states as(More)
OBJECTIVE To discriminate seizures from interictal dynamics based on multivariate synchrony measures, and to identify dynamics of a pre-seizure state. METHODS A linear discriminator was constructed from two different measures of synchronization: cross-correlation and phase synchronization. We applied this discriminator to a sequence of seizures recorded(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment of bone metastases has become increasingly important as patients live longer with metastatic cancer and one of the main aims is a long-lasting reconstruction which survives the patient. Conventional osteosynthesis may not be able to achieve this objective in the context of modern day cancer care. METHODS This study evaluates(More)
— We propose a new method for fitting model parameters to the neural spike train obtained from an experimental neuron. Due to the uncertainty associated with measuring the accurate voltage in a noisy environment, it is essential to develop methods that rely solely on the interspike intervals (ISI). Existing techniques do not provide a smooth and continuous(More)
The increasing need of knowledge in the treatment of brain diseases has driven a huge interest in understanding the phenomenon of neural spiking. Researchers have successfully been able to create mathematical models which, with specific parameters, are able to reproduce the experimental neuronal responses. The spiking activity is characterized using spike(More)
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