Tim Salsbury

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Introduction In most large air-conditioned buildings, air-handling units account for a significant portion of total building energy consumption and have a major impact on comfort conditions and maintenance costs. The devices within an air-handling unit either use energy directly in the case of fans, or indirectly, in the case of heat exchangers, which(More)
This paper presents an overview of results and future challenges on temperature control and cost optimization in building energy systems. Control and economic optimization issues are discussed and illustrated through sophisticated simulation examples. The paper concludes with effective results from model predictive control solutions and identification of(More)
This work presents an offset-free model predictive control (OF-MPC) design for energy efficient control of a heat pump. Open-loop system dynamics are examined first to determine the appropriate control structure leading to identification techniques being used to construct linear models of an experimentally-validated heat pump model. Subsequently, a(More)
This paper presents results from testing an economic model predictive control (EMPC) strategy in an office building located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The control strategy includes an economic objective function that is designed to account for the combination of energy and demand costs under a time-of-use (TOU) rate structure. A min-max optimization(More)
Acknowledgments We would like to thank several individuals for their time and help in carrying out this work. From the " client " , the US General Services Administration (GSA), all helped us with their time and energy for this project. The utility, Pacific, Gas & Electric Company, oversaw the retrofit and data collection, Steve Blanc being the prime mover(More)