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A series of tests of three different debonding techniques applied to three different types of ceramic brackets revealed the following: (1) The incidence of bracket failure during debonding was significantly greater with conventional debonding recommended by the manufacturer (10-35%), as compared with the incidence associated with either the ultrasonic or(More)
Techniques for removing metal orthodontic attachments are, for the most part, not as effective with ceramic brackets because the properties of ceramic brackets differ greatly from those of the conventional metal orthodontic brackets. Currently available ceramic brackets are composed of aluminum oxide crystals in either a polycrystalline or monocrystalline(More)
INTRODUCTION The purposes of this study were to evaluate whether unaltered elastomeric chain can continue to move teeth for 16 weeks and to relate it to the amount of force remaining for the same batch of elastomeric chains. METHODS The in-vivo portion of the study had a sample of 30 paired extraction space sites from 22 subjects who were measured for(More)
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