Tim Robert Merritt

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We describe a new form of interactive living media used to communicate social or ecological information in the form of an empathetic ambient media. In the fast paced modern world people are generally too busy to monitor various significant social or human aspects of their lives, such as time spent with their family, their overall health, state of the(More)
Coordination between ensembles of improvising electroacoustic musicians is a special case of the larger HCI problem of coordinating joint, real-time activity; one that involves some interesting additional and different challenges. This paper reports on research that has identified two specific real-time coordination problems for ensembles of electroacoustic(More)
Although there has been research suggesting that people will treat computers socially and even consider computers as team-mates, there does not seem to have been any research looking specifically at how the perception of team-mate identity affects game enjoyment and team-mate preference in real-time cooperative games. In order to study this question, a(More)
The design goal of the Age Invaders 1 system is to make a mixed reality interaction platform that can facilitate meaningful social interaction with players, from many backgrounds and demographics, at appropriate levels of physical exertion for their age. This paper discusses a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing the user experience and re-assessment of(More)
In cooperative games that involve team-mates that are controlled by either a computer or another human player, is there a difference in how humans assign credit or blame? There has been some related work on computers as team-mates and credit/blame assignment, but there does not seem to have been work to show whether the belief that a team-mate is human or(More)
The experience of interactive systems can be a rather complex set of events. The perceptions appeal to the user's senses including visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory. Taken from a human factors approach, the sensitivity of the senses can be measured very closely and units of measurement arise from the "just noticeable difference." These(More)
There is a fairly common assumption about real-time, goal oriented, multiplayer games: communication is primarily appreciated (and used) for more effectively attaining goals. But an interesting question that does not seem to have been explored in the literature is whether the desire for <i>companionship</i> is a significant factor in people's desire for and(More)