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ABSTRACT Five areas in urban Miami were identified to study the spread of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri to determine if the practice of removing exposed citrus trees within 38.1 m of trees affected by citrus canker was adequate to curtail further bacterial spread. To accomplish this, 18,769 trees in dooryards were surveyed, geo-referenced by differential(More)
We give a non-deterministic algorithm that expresses elements of SL N (Z), for N ≥ 3, as words in a finite set of generators, with the length of these words at most a constant times the word metric. We show that the non-deterministic time-complexity of the subtractive version of Euclid's algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of N ≥ 3 integers a(More)
Invasive plant pathogens are increasing with international trade and travel, with damaging environmental and economic consequences. Recent examples include tree diseases such as sudden oak death in the Western United States and ash dieback in Europe. To control an invading pathogen it is crucial that newly infected sites are quickly detected so that(More)
PCTs are being urged to work together to increase their capacity to negotiate effectively with acute trusts. In Manchester a collaboration of 14 PCTs has enjoyed considerable success, with member trusts sharing a statement of strategic intent. The experience the Manchester PCTs suggests collaborations of this type are more effective when not driven by SHAs(More)