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A fast method for the quantitative determination of amoxicillin (AMO), amoxicilloic acid (AMA) and amoxicillin diketopiperazine-2',5'-dione (DIKETO) in pig edible tissues (kidney, liver, fat and(More)
A residue depletion study of amoxicillin (AMO) and its major metabolites, amoxicilloic acid (AMA) and amoxicillin diketopiperazine-2',5'-dione, was performed after a single oral (p.o.) and(More)
The most important source of Salmonella spp. infection in humans is by the consumption of contaminated poultry products. Due to the risk of resistance development and its transfer from animals to(More)
Beside the possible illegal use of malachite green in aquaculture, other familiar dyes could also been applied by fraudulent producers due to their antiseptic and antibacterial activity. In this(More)
Vibrio is characterized by a large number of species and some of them are human pathogens causing gastro intestinal and wound infections through the ingestion or manipulation of contaminated fishes(More)