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This research will be looking at applying the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for hosted applications to more complex business systems such as an Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP). This application of the service model is still in its infancy and we present some challenges to the technology. We will initially be developing a measure of(More)
This paper proposes the use of service-oriented architecture and Web service technology, to address the current energy control problem. We propose a extended hierarchical model to organize the integrated smart grid system connected over the IP cloud, so that coordination and cooperation of all information systems are achieved autonomously and provides(More)
Semantic Web accessibility network services (SWANS) is a research project which explores ways of transforming the lives of visually impaired (VI) users. This article presents the development process of a prototype SWANS-M (Mobile) which is evolved from SWANS-W(Wireless) prototype to enhance the physical mobility of VI users using mobile devices. In this(More)
This paper discusses to use of cloud computing technology to provide a flexible virtual platform for teachers and students in university to display their creative artifacts on the Internet. The authors compare two kinds of virtualisation technology and introduce the system architecture for the creative platform. The platform allows teachers and students to(More)
Device integration is a key element of any business system deployment model, with data being both consumed and updated via a myriad of devices, both manually and automatically. Previous work by the authors has highlighted how the complexity of a business and the IT systems required to support it are a key consideration in the take-up of the SaaS model as a(More)
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