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Recently I had the opportunity to read the Intel manual introducing the iAPX 432 architecture. The manual is an amalgam of an informal overview of the hardware, a quick tutorial review of computer architectures in general, an introduction to the advanced concepts of the 432 in particular, and marketing hype proclaiming the advantages of the 432 over its(More)
AIM To determine associations between resistance of Ostertagia (=Teladorsagia) spp to macrocyclic lactone (ML) anthelmintics and history of use of anthelmintics, by type, on commercial sheep farms in temperate regions of southern South Australia and Victoria, Australia. METHODS Faecal egg count reduction tests (FECRTs) were conducted during a 2.5-year(More)
Aging is a slow process, the beginning of which as well as its progress are defined in quite different ways from the biomedical, psychological, or sociological point of view. Philosophy can perform a significant contribution to a sound and human approach to this phenomenon of life: first clarifying the present situation on the background of historic(More)
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