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A group has finite palindromic width if there exists n such that every element can be expressed as a product of n or fewer palindromic words. We show that if G has finite palindromic width with respect to some generating set, then so does G Z r. We also give a new, self-contained, proof that finitely generated metabelian groups have finite palindromic(More)
The dead-end depth of an element g of a group with finite generating set A is the distance from g to the complement of the radius d A (1, g) closed ball, in the word metric d A. We exhibit a finitely presented group K with two finite generating sets A and B such that dead-end depth is unbounded on K with respect to A but is bounded above by two with respect(More)
The existing fleet of nuclear power plants is in the process of extending its lifetime and increasing the power generated from these plants via power uprates. In order to evaluate the impacts of these two factors on the safety of the plant, the Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization project aims to provide insights to decision makers through a series(More)
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