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We use polyharmonic Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) to reconstruct smooth, manifold surfaces from point-cloud data and to repair incomplete meshes. An object's surface is defined implicitly as the zero set of an RBF fitted to the given surface data. Fast methods for fitting and evaluating RBFs allow us to model large data sets, consisting of millions of(More)
PURPOSE Nocturnal rhythms of gene expression in the retina are known to be both darkness- and circadian clock-dependent, but their role and cellular location are not well defined. In the present study we have used a new transgenic rat model (early growth response gene 1-destablized, enhanced green fluorescent protein 2; egr-1-d2EGFP) to investigate the(More)
As the incidence of respiratory and allergic symptoms has been reported to be increased in children attending schools in close proximity to busy roads, it was hypothesised that PM from roadside schools would display enhanced oxidative potential (OP). Two consecutive one-week air quality monitoring campaigns were conducted at seven school sampling sites,(More)
BACKGROUND Increased mortality rates associated with weekend hospital admission (the so-called weekend effect) have been attributed to suboptimum staffing levels of specialist consultants. However, evidence for a causal association is elusive, and the magnitude of the weekend specialist deficit remains unquantified. This uncertainty could hamper efforts by(More)
Trunk mains are critical components of any water supply network and their failures can have significant consequences. This paper investigates nine (9) cast iron mains recovered from service using a deterministic model to predict the likelihood of failure, denoted by the factor of safety. The investigation is made on the basis of their corrosion defects and(More)
Literate programming is a program development method based on combining source code and documentation in a single file. The separate documents are then automatically extracted by a literate programming tool. This report presents the development of a meta-model for literate programming , which is a system for specifying literate programming tools. The(More)
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