Tim R. Elliott

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explained by the indirect aerosol cloud effect. The use of a parcel model to determine the cloud droplet number concentration enables us to separate the effects of the cloud LWP and cloud droplet number concentration on the cloud optical depth. An examination of the TOA shortwave flux from the radiative transfer model applied to the two sites does not(More)
We describe a new method for the chemical separation and analysis of Pa in silicate rock samples by isotope dilution. Our new technique has the following advantages over previous methods: (a) The initial separation of Pa from the rock matrix is carried out using anionic exchange resin and HCl-HF mixtures, avoiding the need to remove F(-) quantitatively from(More)
We have measured the major and trace element compositions of a suite of olivine-hosted melt inclusions in basaltic lavas from the islands of Agrigan and Guguan (one sample each) from the Mariana arc, part of the larger Izu–Bonin–Mariana system. The two lava samples examined show distinctly different chemical signatures that are considered to represent the(More)
Osmium isotope ratios provide important constraints on the sources of ocean-island basalts, but two very different models have been put forward to explain such data. One model interprets (187)Os-enrichments in terms of a component of recycled oceanic crust within the source material. The other model infers that interaction of the mantle with the Earth's(More)
BACKGROUND Orofacial granulomatosis (OFG) can be challenging to treat and experience with anti-TNF-α therapy is limited. We report our experience with infliximab (IFX) and adalimumab (ADA) for OFG in 14 patients, the largest reported series to date. METHODS A review of patients receiving induction and maintenance IFX for OFG +/- Crohn's disease (CD) for(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatotoxicity results in the withdrawal of thiopurines drugs, azathioprine (AZA) and mercaptopurine (MP), in up to 10% of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Our group previously demonstrated that allopurinol with AZA/ciclosporin/steroid 'triple therapy' improved renal graft survival. AIM To confirm the hypothesis that allopurinol may(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Escherichia coli can be isolated from lamina propria macrophages in Crohn's disease (CD), and their intramacrophage persistence may provide a stimulus for inflammation. To further determine the contributions of macrophage dysfunction and E. coli pathogenicity to this, we aimed to compare in vitro functioning of macrophages from patients(More)
Didactic teaching remains a core component of undergraduate education, but developing computer assisted learning (CAL) packages may provide useful alternatives. We compared the effectiveness of interactive multimedia-based tutorials with traditional, lecture-based models for teaching arterial blood gas interpretation to fourth year medical students.(More)
BACKGROUND Studies in traumatic encephalopathy first led to the insight that the damage seen was not just due to direct consequences of the primary injury. A significant, and potentially preventable, contribution to the overall morbidity arose from secondary hypoxic-ischaemic damage. Brain swelling accompanied by raised intracranial pressure (ICP) resulted(More)
Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) has been shown to achieve high cure rates and reduce recurrence rates of skin cancer in auricular and preauricular regions. Non-melanoma skin cancers of the conchal bowl are difficult to treat due to the challenge of accessing them and their close association with surrounding structures that may be inadvertently involved.(More)