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[1] By sol 440, the Spirit rover has traversed a distance of 3.76 km (actual distance traveled instead of odometry). Localization of the lander and the rover along the traverse has been successfully performed at the Gusev crater landing site. We localized the lander in the Gusev crater using two-way Doppler radio positioning and cartographic triangulations(More)
A new technique is presented towards the intelligent control of a surgical tool to be used for the epidural puncture. Specifically the problem of the accurate soft tissue identification from laser-based spectral data was dealt with successfully. The proposed new technique, namely two level fuzzy lattice (2LFL) supervised clustering, employs tools and(More)
[1] During 6 years of continuous operations on the Martian surface, the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Spirit has covered a traverse of approximately 7 km from the landing point to its current position at “Troy” near Home Plate. Localization of Spirit (and Opportunity) has been performed using two different methods: one that employs an incremental bundle(More)
We studied the molecular responses to different water oxygen levels in gills and swim bladder of spotted gar (Lepisosteus oculatus), a bimodal breather. Fish at swim-up stage were exposed for 71 days to normoxic, hypoxic, and hyperoxic water conditions. Then, all aquaria were switched to normoxic conditions for recovery until the end of the experiment (120(More)
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