Tim O’Neill

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Experimental design methods have long been used in scientific areas such as agriculture, biology and physics to minimise error and assure validity. Although most network researchers performing experiments with testbeds and simulations implicitly follow scientific method, until recently there has been little emphasis on improving experimental design methods.(More)
Current management systems make it difficult and often prohibitively expensive for Service Providers to offer value-added services to large numbers of subscribers with a concern for each individual’s unique experience. Furthermore, many Service Providers do not clearly understand what services will attract subscribers, in order to maximise long-term(More)
The construction and use of a dual radiator Ring Imaging Čerenkov (RICH) detector is described. This instrument was developed for the HERMES experiment at DESY which emphasises measurements of semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering. It provides particle identification for pions, kaons, and protons in the momentum range from 2 to 15 GeV, which is essential(More)
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The engineering of complex computer-based systems is commonly underpinned by the development of various models attempting to structure both the problem at hand and the various solution alternatives. Typically this results in a combinatorial explosion of informational and design elements that are both conceptual and resource intensive. The following position(More)
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