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Soluble methane monooxygenase (sMMO) from methane-oxidizing bacteria is a multicomponent nonheme oxygenase that naturally oxidizes methane to methanol and can also cooxidize a wide range of adventitious substrates, including mono- and diaromatic hydrocarbons. Leucine 110, at the mouth of the active site in the alpha subunit of the hydroxylase component of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the Gram-positive-specific antibiotic linezolid and the broad-spectrum antibiotic tigecycline for use in local antibiotic delivery via antibiotic-loaded bone cement. METHODS Linezolid and tigecycline were added to Biomet bone cement at varying concentrations. Antibiotic elution over 1 week was quantified by HPLC-MS. The effect of wear(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the performance of the Gram-negative-specific antibiotic temocillin in polymethylmethacrylate bone cement pre-loaded with gentamicin, as a strategy for local antibiotic delivery. METHODS Temocillin was added at varying concentrations to commercial gentamicin-loaded bone cement. The elution of the antibiotic from cement samples over a(More)
We investigated whether the indentation of bone cement spacers used in revision of infected joint arthroplasty with a MacDonald dissector increased the elution of antibiotic in vitro. A total of 24 cement discs containing either 0.17 g (0.88% w/w), 0.25 g (1.41% w/w), or 0.33 g (1.75% w/w) gentamicin of constant size were made. Of these, 12 were indented(More)
AIMS Vancomycin is commonly added to acrylic bone cement during revision arthroplasty surgery. Proprietary cement preparations containing vancomycin are available, but are significantly more expensive. We investigated whether the elution of antibiotic from 'home-made' cement containing vancomycin was comparable with more expensive commercially available(More)
Soluble methane monooxygenase (sMMO) from methane-oxidising bacteria can oxygenate more than 100 hydrocarbons and is one of the most catalytically versatile biological oxidation catalysts. Expression of recombinant sMMO has to date not been achieved in Escherichia coli and so an alternative expression system must be used to manipulate it genetically. Here(More)
The use of antibiotics as a supplement to bone cement for the purposes of providing a local release of antibiotics is common practice in arthroplasty surgery and the kinetics of elution of the antibiotics in such systems have been investigated previously. However, in these previous studies no account was taken of the potential effects that wear may have on(More)
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