Tim Netzer

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This work is concerned with different aspects of spectrahedra and their projections, sets that are important in semidefinite optimization. We prove results on the limitations of so called Lasserre and theta body relaxation methods for semialgebraic sets and varieties. As a special case we obtain the main result of [19] on non-exposed faces. We also solve(More)
A linear matrix inequality (LMI) is a condition stating that a symmetric matrix whose entries are affine-linear combinations of variable,; is positive semidefinite. :dotiv11ted by the fact that diagonal LMIs define polyhedra, the solution set of an LMI is called a spectrahedron. Linear images of spectrahedra are called semidefinitely representable sets.(More)
We consider the problem of writing real polynomials as determinants of symmetric linear matrix polynomials. This problem of algebraic geometry, whose roots go back to the nineteenth century, has recently received new attention from the viewpoint of convex optimization. We relate the question to sums of squares decompositions of a certain Her-mite matrix. If(More)
We consider the problem of realizing hyperbolicity cones as spectrahedra, i.e. as linear slices of cones of positive semidefinite matrices. The generalized Lax conjecture states that this is always possible. We use generalized Clifford algebras for a new approach to the problem. Our main result is that if −1 is not a sum of hermitian squares in the Clifford(More)
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