Tim Nebelsiek

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Although gastrointestinal cancers are frequently associated with chronic inflammation, the underlying molecular links have not been comprehensively deciphered. Using loss- and gain-of-function mice in a colitis-associated cancer model, we establish here a link comprising the gp130/Stat3 transcription factor signaling axis. Mutagen-induced tumor growth and(More)
Cell-type plasticity within a tumor has recently been suggested to cause a bidirectional conversion between tumor-initiating stem cells and nonstem cells triggered by an inflammatory stroma. NF-κB represents a key transcription factor within the inflammatory tumor microenvironment. However, NF-κB's function in tumor-initiating cells has not been examined(More)
NF-kappaB is a key transcriptional regulator of inflammatory responses, but also controls expression of prosurvival genes, whose products protect tissues from damage and may thus act indirectly in an antiinflammatory fashion. The variable importance of these two distinct NF-kappaB-controlled responses impacts the potential utility of NF-kappaB inhibition as(More)
Cardiac surgery, especially if it involves cardiopulmonary bypass, is associated with a severe systemic inflammatory response. It is characterized by complement activation and initiation of coagulation, fibrinolysis and kallikrein cascades. Consecutive activation of immunoregulatory cells results in an extensive release of pro- and anti-inflammatory(More)
The recruitment of immune cells into solid tumors is an essential prerequisite of tumor development. Depending on the prevailing polarization profile of these infiltrating leucocytes, tumorigenesis is either promoted or blocked. Here, we identify IκB kinase α (IKKα) as a central regulator of a tumoricidal microenvironment during intestinal carcinogenesis.(More)
We are presenting the case of a 76-year-old female scheduled for major abdominal surgery. Her past medical history was remarkable for a three-vessel coronary artery disease, with a severely impaired left ventricular function. She had already undergone complex coronary artery bypass surgery. Currently, she presented with the rare constellation of a(More)
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