Tim N. Phillips

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The objective of this study was to determine the value of an e-mail listserv for parents of children with Rett syndrome, a rare neurologic disorder. This Web-based survey was completed by parents and carers. The setting was an e-mail listserv established by the International Rett Syndrome Association for parents of children with Rett syndrome and other(More)
Locational risk of increased mercury and PAH concentrations in Lavaca Bay, Texas sediments and eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) harvested from Lavaca Bay, Texas were analysed. Chemical analysis results were evaluated utilizing Bayesian geo-statistical methods for comparison of the model fit of a random effects model versus a convoluted model which(More)
Intussusception associated with Anoplocephala perfoliata infection was found in 5 horses. The unusual types of intussusception and the presence of tapeworms at the leading edge of the intussuscipiens suggested tapeworms as the cause of the problem. Lesions attributable to tapeworm attachment on the mucosa were found to fit a mechanical model of(More)
Volvulus of the large colon was diagnosed at surgery in 25 horses during a 4-year period. Two horses had a recurrence of the condition after successful correction. Mucosal necrosis was found to be a grave prognostic sign, as it was a consistent finding in horses that died at the time of surgery. Long-term colon dysfunction was not clinically evident in(More)
Humans are often seen as unusual in displaying altruistic behaviour towards non-relatives. Here we outline and test a hypothesis that human altruistic traits evolved as a result of sexual selection. We develop a psychometric scale to measure mate preference towards altruistic traits (the MPAT scale). We then seek evidence of whether mate choice on the basis(More)
This study investigates the numerical solution of viscoelastic flows using two contrasting high-order finite volume schemes. We extend our earlier work for Poiseuille flow in a planar channel and the single equation form of the extended pom-pom (SXPP) model [1], to determine steady-state solutions for planar 4:1 sharp contraction flows. The numerical(More)
A modified lattice Boltzmann model based on the two-dimensional, nine-velocity lattice-Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook fluid is presented for axisymmetric flows. A spatially and temporally varying source term is incorporated into the evolution equation for the momentum distribution function on a two-dimensional Cartesian lattice. The precise form of the source term(More)
Osteochondral fragmentation of the plantar aspect of the proximal phalanx was diagnosed as a cause of hind limb lameness in 19 horses. The lameness was evident at the upper levels of the horses' performance capabilities, and was isolated to the metatarsophalangeal joints by use of intra-articular or regional anesthesia. Fragments were surgically removed(More)
Although the development of rheological software has kept pace with the advances in modern rheometrical instruments the process of data analysis and interpretation remains fallible and can be prone to some signiicant errors. The reason for this is that the ability and knowledge of human beings to utilise the intruments and data at their disposal can be(More)