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The African Union: Pan-Africanism, Peacebuilding and Development
Contents: Introduction From Pan-Africanism to the African Union: the invention of an idea Peace and development challenges for the African Union The peace and security institutions ReinforcingExpand
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Practical Peacemaking Wisdom from Africa: Reflections on Ubuntu
This study examines the cultural world-view known as Ubuntu which highlights the essential unity of humanity and emphasizes the importance of constantly referring to the principles of empathy,Expand
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The African Union's evolving role in peace operations: the African Union Mission in Burundi, the African Union Mission in Sudan and the AfricanUnion Mission in Somalia
The African Union has been operational for close to five years now and it is appropriate to reflect on whether its peace and security architecture will achieve its objectives. In 2002, the AU adoptedExpand
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This essay examines the value of educating for peace. It does this through a consideration of the African cultural world-view known as ubuntu, which highlights the essential unity of humanity andExpand
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The ethics of peacebuilding
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Moral Knowledge and Peace Research 3. The Morality of Conflict Resolution: A Critique of the State System and its Management of Sub-national Conflict 4. The Utility ofExpand
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African approaches to building peace and social solidarity
The African continent continues to be faced with the challenge of establishing peace and development. Numerous peace initiatives have been launched on the continent. Vast amounts of resources haveExpand
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Inter-governmental Authority on Development on the Ground: Comparing Interventions in Sudan and Somalia
ABSTRACT The Horn of Africa is beset by chronic insecurity and political tension, which has destabilized the region and undermined efforts to consolidate economic development and democraticExpand
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Briefing: The African Union at Ten: An appraisal
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The responsibility to protect, as enshrined in article 4 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union
This paper assesses the emergence of the responsibility to protect (R2P) as an international relations norm. Following a brief discussion of the genesis of this norm, it assesses the key aspects ofExpand
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A local response to the global human rights standard: the ubuntu perspective on human dignity
Some African leaders have made the argument that the promotion of an international human rights standard is a strategy that is used and abused by hypocritical Western governments to justify theirExpand
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