Tim Mount

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  • David B Farber, Charles Lee, Tim Mount, Bhaskaran Swaminathan, Daniel Beneish, Walt Blacconiere +7 others
This paper is adapted from my dissertation completed at Cornell University. I would like to thank my committee chairperson, Julia D'Souza, for her unwavering support and guidance in the development of this paper. I also thank my other committee members-for their suggestions and comments. I appreciate the valuable comments I received at the 2002 AAA meeting.(More)
Earlier research has shown that the behavior of spot prices in the new auction markets for electricity can be described by a stochastic regime-switching model. This model captures the observed price spikes that occur in these markets, particularly during the summer months when levels of load are high. The first part of the paper shows how the exploitation(More)
It is the policy of Cornell University actively to support equality of educational and employment opportunity. No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any The University is committed to the maintenance of affirmative action programs which will assure the continuation of such equality(More)
High voltage electricity systems may become more reliable under market-based dispatch than they were under cost-based, regulated assignments if customers are faced with real-time prices. As an example, in Australia where all electricity is transacted through a spot energy market without any regulatory price caps, retail suppliers and large customers have(More)
The underlying structure of why and how consumers value reliability of electric service is explored, together with the technological options and cost characteristics for the provision of reliability and the conditions under which market mechanisms can be used to match these values and costs efficiently. This analysis shows that the level of reliability of(More)
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