Tim M. H. Li

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BACKGROUND Text analysis of personal documents provides insight into the cognition of those who complete suicide. Many personal documents are digitalized and easily found on the Internet, which can be used to advance suicide research. AIMS (1) To examine the temporal relationships between posting intensity and language use to sketch the suicidal process(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Advances in network infrastructure and computing technology have made 3D virtual environment increasingly popular and less costly. Many education institutions have shown interests in its application in teaching and learning activities. In this project, we evaluated how the 3D virtual environment can facilitate students in achieving(More)
Internet users may see and comment on suicide expressions in the cyberspace that are not identified by helping professionals. The communication between the two parties is not well facilitated. In light of this situation, we present a system using collective intelligence from Internet users to efficiently and effectively identify suicidal people in order to(More)
Impairing patterns of long-term adolescent social withdrawal and self-exclusion, including nonattendance at school or work, and minimal social contact, have been identified as a significant clinical and social problem in Japan since the late 1990s, where it is termed hikikomori. As well clinical impairment for the withdrawn youths and burden for the(More)
BACKGROUND Severe social withdrawal behaviors among young people have been a subject of public and clinical concerns. AIMS This study aimed to explore the prevalence of social withdrawal behaviors among young people aged 12-29 years in Hong Kong. METHODS A cross-sectional telephone-based survey was conducted with 1,010 young individuals. Social(More)
Nowadays, people are familiar with online communication and tend to express their deeper feelings on the Web. In the light of this situation, we present a hybrid system based on affect analysis for mining emotional distress tendencies from publicly available blogs to identify needy people in order to provide timely intervention and promote better public(More)
Eustress is literally the "good stress" that associated with positive feelings and health benefits. Previous studies focused on general stress, where the concept of eustress has been overlooked. This paper presents a novel approach towards stress recognition using data collected from wearable sensors, smartphones, and computers. The main goal is to(More)
Three-dimensional virtual environments have gained wide popularity due to improvement in graphic rendering technology and networking infrastructure. Many education institutions have been trying to leverage the potential of 3D virtual environments in their application in education. In this research, we aim to evaluate the students’ perception of virtual(More)
OBJECTIVE Acute and/or severe social withdrawal behavior among youth was seen as a culture-bound psychiatric syndrome in Japan, but more youth social withdrawal cases in different countries have been discovered recently. However, due to the lack of a formal definition and diagnostic tool for youth social withdrawal, cross-cultural observational and(More)