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Australia enjoys a high international reputation for research in experimental genetics, molecular and cell biology, animal and plant sciences, biotechnology, medicine, biodiversity, and ecological modelling. Computational research is broadly established in these domain areas and others relevant to bioscience. Combined with strong traditions in mathematics(More)
The aim of this locus-specific mutation database was to provide an online resource that contains summarised and updated information on familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (FHC)-associated mutations and related data, for researchers and clinicians. It also serves as a means of publishing previously unpublished data, which could be of value in understanding(More)
The Oracle relational database management system, with object-oriented extensions and numerous application-driven enhancements, plays a critical role worldwide in managing the exploding volumes of bioinformatics data. There are many features of the Oracle product which support the bioinformatics community directly already and there are several features(More)
This study examined the effects of the daily Reading Center in a preschool classroom on 16 children over a school year. Objective variables, related to the Center and derived from the interface between the concepts of developmentally appropriate practice and emergent literacy, were measured. The Center was found to be developmentally appropriate since it(More)
Peptide-Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) encompasses a number of techniques for protein characterization which have as a first step the cleaving of target proteins by chemical or enzymatic reagents. Software systems exist which perform similar analyses. However, this is the first study which examines theoretically the effectiveness of the particular reagents for(More)
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