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DNA flow histogram analysis, using 33342 Hoechst as a stain, has been used to detect the effect of the potentially bifunctional alkylating agent, mitomycin C (MMC) on dermal fibroblasts from patients with Fanconi's anemia (FA), a hereditary human disease characterized by pancytopenia, hypersensitivity to DNA-crosslinking agents, congenital abnormalities and(More)
The records of 373 patients with T1N0 squamous carcinoma of the glottis were examined. Of these, 271 underwent initial hemilaryngectomy; 102 had full-course irradiation for cure. While the overall survival rates of the two initial therapies were similar, failure of the initial treatment modality was approximately twice as frequent in the irradiated patients(More)
We have built user environments that simplify and provide interactive access to data, models, and compute resources as well as integrate various distributed computational services to study earthquake waveforms utilizing 3D models and compute resources within the Geosciences Network (GEONgrid) and national computational grids, such as TeraGrid. These data(More)
Cells from patients wtih Fanconi's anemia are unusually sensitive to agents which are capable of crosslinking DNA. This increased sensitivity can be detected both by cytogenetic and flow cytometric methods. An elevated frequency of chromosome aberrations, which is further exaggerated by exposure of cells to DNA crosslinking agents, is a general feature of(More)
Relative egg to adult viability was compared in three stocks of Drosophila melanogaster differing in alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) activity. Two of these, Grell's standard ADHS and a mutant ADHS strain producing half the normal number of ADH molecules, had the same electrophoretic mobility. The experiment demonstrated a correlation between survival in(More)
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