Tim J Woolford

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Patients being considered for cochlear implantation undergo, of necessity, a wide-ranging selection process, of which imaging of the temporal bone to assess cochlear patency is an important part. We have studied the correlation between the results of computed tomography (CT) imaging of the cochlea and the cause of hearing loss in this group of patients. The(More)
Computed tomography (CT) is the imaging method of choice for conditions that affect the paranasal sinuses. We reviewed all paranasal CT scans in the ear nose and throat (ENT) and maxillofacial surgery departments in 1 year. Of these 372 scans, unilateral opacity of the maxillary sinus was seen in 20 cases. Neoplastic disease was diagnosed in six of these,(More)
A total of 235 toes were amputated during 125 operations on 100 consecutive patients with lower limb ischaemia. The overall amputation wound healing rate for the series was 58.4 per cent and limb salvage was achieved in 66 patients. Toe amputation was performed under local anaesthesia in 57 cases and 32 (56 per cent) of these healed primarily, not(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To review the current practice in the field of auricular reconstruction and to highlight the recent advances reported in the medical literature. RECENT FINDINGS The majority of surgeons who perform auricular reconstruction continue to employ the well-established techniques developed by Brent and Nagata. Surgery takes between two and four(More)
One hundred and forty-three patients with post-cricoid squamous cell carcinoma are described. Twenty-nine patients (20%) underwent pharyngolaryngoesophagectomy with gastric transposition. Forty-four patients (31%) were treated with radical radiotherapy and 70 (49%) had palliative therapy. Kaplan Meier 5-year survival following surgery was 45% and(More)
Epistaxis is one of the most frequently managed otorhinolaryngological emergencies. This prospective study over a 4-month period involved 38 adult patients presenting with epistaxis who underwent endoscopic bipolar diathermy under local anaesthesia. Thirty-four (89%) of the 38 adults were successfully treated and 28 (74%) of the patients did not require(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether children undergo spontaneous resolution of recurrent acute tonsillitis whilst awaiting surgery. Eighty children who had been on the waiting list for tonsillectomy for at least 9 months were requested to attend a review clinic with a second review 6 months later if appropriate. Nineteen (27%) of the 70 children(More)
Food allergy is often thought to be a cause of rhinitis by patients, whose views are frequently influenced by information obtained from the Internet. The incidence of food allergy in children is 2-8 per cent, although a vast majority will grow out of it, and food allergy is actually very rare in adults. Food allergy usually presents with multi-system(More)
This study was performed to assess the survival times of the Provox valve in the Manchester area. Thirty-nine patients from four hospitals, representing 81 valve failures, were studied. The effects of the timing of the tracheo-oesophageal puncture, previous radiotherapy, and the presence and timing of cricopharyngeal myotomy on valve life were analysed.(More)
Spontaneous perforation of the oesophagus is extremely rare in children, as is perforation due to vomiting in pregnancy. We report the case of a 15-year-old in whom vomiting in early pregnancy resulted in oesophageal perforation with subcutaneous emphysema causing marked facial swelling in the absence of other signs. The more common clinical presentation of(More)