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Two techniques are presented for corner detection. First, a band of filters are applied with equal radial spatial frequency, but different orientation preferences locally in the image domain. From the energy response, a linear Fourier transform is taken to give confidence measures of both "cornerness" and "edgeness. Second, we consider a multi-local spatial(More)
A novel approach for rendering time-varying data based on the Shear-Warp factorisation is presented. Reduction in storage space is achieved by detecting the changed areas within each volume and compressing them. Time-coherence is exploited by detecting and rendering the changes in every volume while spatial-coherence is exploited by utilising a data(More)
We describe the characterisation of an application kernel on a parallel system of two processors. The application kernel is a one-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and the processors used are two T800 transputers. Analytical expressions for the \execution time" for a single and two processors are discussed and used to obtain the performance measure.